Rest Super Vs Australian Super – Full Comparison

Thinking about your superannuation but feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the info out there? No worries! Let’s compare Rest Super vs AustralianSuper and break it down into plain language.

About Rest Super

Rest Super has been helping Aussies with their super since 1988. They’ve got over two million members, which is a lot of people! Rest Super is all about giving their members different ways to invest their money for the future.

About AustralianSuper

AustralianSuper is like the big player in the super world. They have even more members and a ton of money under their management. They do more than just super – they offer extra services like help with money decisions and insurance.

What Both Have in Common

  1. They’re Your Buddies: Both Rest Super and AustralianSuper work for you, not for making profits.
  2. Pick Your Plan: They let you choose how you want to invest your money, depending on what you’re comfy with.
  3. They Care About You: The goal for both is to make sure you have a comfy retirement.

How They Differ

  1. Size Matters: Rest Super is big, but AustralianSuper is even bigger!
  2. Insurance Choices: One might give you more insurance options than the other, which could be important for you.
  3. Extra Help: AustralianSuper has more extra services, like advice on money stuff.

Comparing in a Nutshell

FeatureRest SuperAustralianSuper
Friends Number2 millionOver 2 million
Money ManagedA lot!A whole lot!
Investment OptionsDifferent choicesLots of choices
InsuranceGood choicesMaybe more choices
Extra HelpBasicsA bunch of extra stuff

What People Are Saying

Rest Super:

  • “Good choices for where to put my money” –
  • “Sometimes customer service could be faster” –
  • “I like that it’s straightforward” –


  • “Lots of things to pick from, but sometimes it’s hard to get help” –
  • “Made good money with them” –
  • “Sometimes a bit confused with all the services” –


So, which one is right for you? Well, it depends on what you like. If you want lots of choices and extra services, maybe go for AustralianSuper. If you like things simple and straightforward, Rest Super could be your match. It’s your money, so pick what feels right for you. Happy super-ing!

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