Mercer Super Vs Australian Super – Which is Better?

Thinking about your super but feeling a bit lost in the sea of choices? Don’t worry! Let’s keep it simple and friendly as we explore Mercer Super and AustralianSuper. They’re like superheroes for your money!

Mercer Super vs AustralianSuper

Meet Mercer Super

Mercer Super has been around for a while, quietly helping people with their super since 1952. They’re like the wise old owl of the super world. Mercer is all about helping their members grow their money and plan for a comfy retirement. They offer a range of investment options to suit different tastes.

Greet AustralianSuper

AustralianSuper is the big, friendly giant of the super scene. With a whopping number of members and loads of money under their watch, AustralianSuper is like your one-stop-shop for all things super. They not only manage your super but also offer extra services like financial advice and various investment options.

Where They Connect

  1. In Your Corner: Both Mercer Super and AustralianSuper are on your side. They work for you, not for profits.
  2. Choices Galore: They let you pick how you want to grow your money. It’s like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor!
  3. Dreaming of Retirement: Their main goal is to make sure you have a happy and stress-free retirement.

How They Stand Apart

  1. Age of Wisdom: Mercer Super has been doing this super thing since 1952, while AustralianSuper is more of a modern giant.
  2. Size Matters (Again): AustralianSuper is huge – like, really, really big. Mercer Super is sizable too, just not as big.
  3. Extra Goodies: AustralianSuper brings more to the table, offering services beyond super, like financial advice.

Quick Comparison:

FeatureMercer SuperAustralianSuper
Super Wisdom Since1952Not as long, but still impressive
Members & Money ManagedA good number and a fair bitA massive number and a whole lot
Investment OptionsChoices for everyoneA wide variety to suit all tastes
Size FactorBig, but not giantA super giant in the field
Extra ServicesFocused on superA bunch of extras, like advice

What People Are Saying (User Reviews)

Mercer Super:

  • “Been with them for years, no complaints” –
  • “Simple and easy to understand” –
  • “Good returns on investments” –


  • “Lots of options, but customer service can be slow” –
  • “Made super simple for a super newbie like me” –
  • “Sometimes overwhelmed with all the choices” –

Your Super Decision

So, which superhero suits you better? If you’re into the seasoned expert who’s been around the block, Mercer Super might be your guide. If you want the giant with all the extras, AustralianSuper is ready to save the day.

According to my analysis and research, combined with on field survey, AustralianSuper is the clear winner. In this war of Mercer Super VS AustralianSuper, I found AustralianSuper to stand out on many parameters.

It’s your money, your choice – make it super! Visit ThinkMoneyTrader for more financial bytes like this.

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