Australian Retirement Trust Vs AustralianSuper – Which Fund is Right For You?

In the world of superannuation, two names that come up often are Sunsuper and AustralianSuper. Both companies are leaders in the industry, but they have their unique features and differences. In this blog, we’ll compare Sunsuper vs AustralianSuper to help you understand their similarities, differences, user reviews and provide you with a conclusion.

About Australian Retirement Trust (earlier Sunsuper)

Australian Retirement Trust (earlier Sunsuper) is an Australian-based superannuation fund that has been in operation since 1987. They provide financial services to over 1.4 million members and over 100,000 employers. Their aim is to help members retire comfortably by providing low fees, strong investment returns and exceptional service. It offers a range of investment options including growth, balanced, and conservative portfolios.

About AustralianSuper

AustralianSuper is one of the largest industry super funds in Australia, with over 2.2 million members and $225 billion in assets under management. They offer a range of investment options including pre-mixed, DIY mix, and single sector options. It also offers financial advice, insurance and a range of other services to their members.


Both Sunsuper and AustralianSuper have some similarities:

  1. They are both industry super funds that are run only to benefit their members.
  2. Both companies offer a wide range of investment options to suit different member needs.
  3. Both companies offer low fees, which means more money stays in your account.


While there are similarities between Sunsuper and AustralianSuper, there are also differences:

  1. Investment options: Sunsuper offers a smaller range of investment options than AustralianSuper, which may not suit all investors.
  2. Insurance: AustralianSuper offers a higher level of default insurance than Sunsuper.
  3. Customer service: Sunsuper is known for its exceptional customer service, while AustralianSuper has been criticized for its long wait times and slow service.

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Table of comparison: Sunsuper Vs AustralianSuper

To help you compare Sunsuper and AustralianSuper, we have created the following table:

MembersOver 1.4 millionOver 2.2 million
Assets under managementNot disclosed$225 billion
Investment optionsGrowth, balanced, conservativePre-mixed, DIY mix, single sector
InsuranceLower default insuranceHigher default insurance
Customer serviceExceptionalSlow and long wait times

User reviews on Various Platforms

To get an idea of what customers think of Sunsuper and AustralianSuper, we looked at reviews on various platforms:

Sunsuper (Australian Retirement Trust ):

  • “Excellent customer service” –
  • “Sunsuper has exceeded my expectations” –
  • “Great investment returns” –


  • “Terrible customer service” –
  • “Frustrating experience dealing with them” –
  • “Poor investment returns” –


Both Sunsuper and AustralianSuper are industry super funds that offer low fees, a range of investment options and insurance. However, Sunsuper is known for its exceptional customer service, while AustralianSuper has a higher default insurance level.

Sunsuper offers fewer investment options than AustralianSuper, which may not suit all investors. Overall, it’s important to choose a superannuation fund that suits your needs, and this comparison should help you make an informed decision. Visit ThinkMoneyTrader for more financial bytes like this.

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