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Stephen Koukoulas is a distinguished Australian economist, speaker, and advisor, renowned for his extensive contributions to the financial industry. As the founder of Market Economics, a leading economic consultancy firm in Australia, Koukoulas has played a pivotal role in shaping economic discourse and providing valuable insights.

Table of Details

NameStephen Koukoulas
FounderMarket Economics
ExperienceOver 30 years in the financial industry
EducationBachelor of Economics (Honours), University of Sydney; Master of Economics, Australian National University
Key PositionsChief Economist at Citibank; Senior Economic Advisor to a former Prime Minister of Australia
InfluenceInsights and analysis featured in publications and media outlets; Sought-after speaker at conferences
Investment FocusExpertise in macroeconomics, insights on market trends and investment strategies

Professional Journey

With over 30 years of experience, Stephen Koukoulas has navigated various senior positions, showcasing his expertise in macroeconomics. Notably, he served as the Chief Economist at Citibank and as the Senior Economic Advisor to a former Prime Minister of Australia, solidifying his reputation as a key figure in economic analysis and policymaking.

Education and Early Career

Koukoulas holds a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) degree from the University of Sydney and a Master of Economics degree from the Australian National University. His early career commenced as an economist at the Commonwealth Treasury, and he later contributed his insights to various financial institutions, including Citibank and TD Securities.

His Investment Philosophy

While specific details about Koukoulas’ investment philosophy are not explicitly known, his profound understanding of macroeconomics is evident. He has consistently provided insights and analysis on diverse market trends and investment strategies, showcasing his ability to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

Achievements and Influence

Stephen Koukoulas is widely regarded as a respected figure in the Australian financial industry. His insights and analyses on market trends and investment strategies have been featured in various publications and media outlets.

As a sought-after speaker, he has delivered keynote speeches at conferences and events, further cementing his influence in the economic sphere.


Stephen Koukoulas stands as a visionary economist, contributing significantly to Australia’s economic landscape. Through his multifaceted career, deep insights, and influential roles, he continues to shape economic discussions and provide valuable perspectives in the ever-evolving financial domain. Read about more influential finfluencers on thinkmoneytrader.

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