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Raoul Pal, a globally renowned economist and investment strategist, has left an indelible mark on the financial industry. As the founder and publisher at The Global Macro Investor (GMI), Pal has nearly 30 years of experience in finance, contributing significantly to the understanding of macroeconomics and investment strategies.

Table of Details

NameRaoul Pal
BirthdateFebruary 6, 1968
BirthplaceUnited Kingdom
EducationUniversity of Plymouth (Economics and Law)
RoleFounder and Publisher at The Global Macro Investor
Notable VentureCo-founder of Real Vision
Net Worth20 Million USD
Trading StrategyExpert in macroeconomics and investment strategy
RelationshipsMarried to Anoush Pal
Early Life and CareerBond trader at Goldman Sachs, Manager at GLG Partners
Influence and AchievementsCo-founder of Real Vision, Notable macro trader and investor
GMI’s FocusMacro-economic and investment strategy, Analysis of large-scale economic and political events

Early Life and Education

Born on February 6, 1968, in the United Kingdom, Raoul Pal’s diverse heritage includes an Indian father and a Dutch mother. His academic journey led him to the University of Plymouth, where he earned a degree in economics and law, laying the foundation for his future endeavors in the financial world.

Career Trajectory

Pal commenced his career as a bond trader at Goldman Sachs in London, gaining invaluable experience in trading and investing on a global scale. His journey continued with roles at esteemed hedge funds, including GLG Partners in London, where he managed and thrived as a successful macro trader and investor.

The Global Macro Investor (GMI)

The Global Macro Investor, founded by Raoul Pal, is a leading macroeconomic and investment strategy firm. GMI is known for providing insightful analysis on large-scale economic and political events, coupled with actionable investment strategies. Pal’s expertise and foresight have positioned GMI as a key player in interpreting macroeconomic and geopolitical factors.

Net Worth and Entrepreneurial Ventures

While Raoul Pal’s net worth is not explicitly stated in available search results, his influence in the financial industry is underscored by co-founding Real Vision. This financial media platform aims to democratize financial research, providing unparalleled access to insights from experts in the field.

Trading Strategy and Achievements

Pal’s trading strategy is rooted in his profound understanding of macroeconomics. Co-founding Real Vision, a platform that disseminates expert insights, exemplifies his commitment to sharing knowledge. With several books and articles to his credit, Raoul Pal has become a notable figure, recognized for his ability to predict market trends.

Personal Life

Raoul Pal is married to Anoush Pal, adding a personal dimension to the accomplished economist’s life. While Pal’s professional achievements are extensively documented, details about his relationships are kept private.

GMI’s Focus

The Global Macro Investor’s focus is on interpreting and analyzing macroeconomic and geopolitical factors such as interest rates, currency exchange rates, international trade, political events, and international relations. GMI’s investment strategy is opportunistic, allowing for positions in various asset classes to capitalize on changes in the business cycle and underlying economic trends.


Raoul Pal’s journey is a testament to his expertise and impact on the financial industry. As a pioneer in macroeconomics and investment strategy, Pal’s ventures, including The Global Macro Investor, continue to shape the way we understand and navigate the complexities of the global financial landscape. Visit ThinkMoneyTrader for more financial bytes like this.

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