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Owen Raszkiewicz, widely known as Owen Rask, is a prominent figure in the Australian financial industry. As the founder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of The Rask Group, he has played a pivotal role in providing investment insights, education, and advice to retail investors.

Owen Raszkiewicz

Table of Details

NameOwen Raszkiewicz (Owen Rask)
RoleFounder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO), The Rask Group
ExpertiseInvestment insights, financial education, long-term investing
Social Media HandlesTwitter: @OwenRask, LinkedIn: Owen Raszkiewicz
InfluenceFeatured in publications like The Sydney Morning Herald and Yahoo Finance; Active in financial education initiatives
Net Worth7 Million USD

Early Life and Career

Academic Background

Owen Raszkiewicz holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Deakin University and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia. His educational foundation in commerce and finance laid the groundwork for a career in investment analysis.

Professional Journey

Raszkiewicz commenced his career as an investment analyst at a boutique investment firm in Melbourne. He then expanded his expertise by working at esteemed financial institutions, including National Australia Bank and Macquarie Group. This diverse experience contributed to his comprehensive understanding of financial markets.

Personal Details

Net Worth

Details about Owen Raszkiewicz’s net worth are not publicly available. Often, figures in the financial industry keep personal financial details private. However, his networth is estimated to be around 7 million dollars.

Social Media Presence

Owen Raszkiewicz is actively engaged on social media platforms. His presence on Twitter (@OwenRask) and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/owenrask/) showcases his commitment to sharing valuable insights and fostering a community interested in financial education.

Personal Life

Information about Owen Raszkiewicz’s personal life remains undisclosed in the provided search results. His focus on professional contributions and financial education indicates a dedication to his mission.

Investment Philosophy

Long-Term Investing

As the CIO of The Rask Group, Raszkiewicz steers the firm’s investment strategies with a strong emphasis on long-term investing. He advocates for investing in quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages, reflecting a commitment to sound investment principles.

Influence and Achievements

Contributions to Financial Education

Owen Raszkiewicz has significantly contributed to the Australian financial industry through his expertise in investment strategies and financial education. His insights have been featured in reputable publications like The Sydney Morning Herald and Yahoo Finance. Actively participating in the Australian investment community, he has been involved in various projects aimed at promoting financial literacy and education.


Owen Raszkiewicz’s journey, from investment analyst to the founder of The Rask Group, underscores his commitment to financial education and long-term investing. His influence in the Australian financial industry continues to shape the perspectives of retail investors and foster a culture of informed decision-making. Visit ThinkMoneyTrader for more financial bytes like this.

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