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Jordi Alexander has emerged as a prominent figure in the dynamic realm of cryptocurrencies, holding the position of Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Selini Capital, a digital asset investment firm. Beyond his role as a financial strategist, Alexander is recognized for his contributions to game theory and philosophy, shaping his distinctive approach to the cryptocurrency industry.

Table of Details

NameJordi Alexander
RoleChief Investment Officer (CIO), Selini Capital
ExpertiseDigital assets, high-frequency algorithmic trading, liquidity provision, venture investing
Founder0xMantle (Decentralized Finance platform)
PhilosophyEmphasis on game theory and philosophy in understanding market dynamics
InfluenceFeatured in podcasts and media outlets; Active participant in the DeFi community

Professional Journey

Selini Capital and Digital Asset Expertise

Selini Capital, under Jordi Alexander’s guidance, stands as a global trading firm specializing in digital assets. Established in 2021, the firm focuses on high-frequency algorithmic trading, liquidity provision, efficient execution, and venture investing within the digital assets space.

Selini Capital aims to bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and the rapidly evolving world of digital assets, leveraging technological expertise for effective navigation in crypto-trading.

Game Theory and Philosophy

Jordi Alexander’s unique background in game theory and philosophy has significantly influenced his career in the cryptocurrency industry. His insights into the motivations and actions of market participants contribute to Selini Capital’s strategic and analytical approach to trading. This intersection of financial expertise, game theory, and philosophy positions Alexander as a forward-thinking leader in the crypto space.

Personal Details

Age and Net Worth

Jordi Alexander is in his early 40’s and his net worth is about 60 million dollars. His company, Selini Capital is valued at about 50 million dollars and last raised money in 2022.


Jordi maintains a focus on his professional contributions and insights within the cryptocurrency industry. However, some sources suggest that he is divorced and currently living alone.

Early Life and Career

Jordi Alexander’s journey involves a background in game theory and philosophy, elements that have played a crucial role in shaping his career in the cryptocurrency sector. As the founder of 0xMantle, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, he has actively participated in various projects and initiatives.

Influence and Achievements

Contributions to Cryptocurrency Industry

Jordi Alexander’s impact on the cryptocurrency industry extends beyond Selini Capital. Recognized for his expertise in digital assets and investment strategies, he has been featured in podcasts and media outlets, where he shares insights and analyses on market trends and investment opportunities. His active involvement in the DeFi community further attests to his commitment to advancing the crypto space.


Jordi Alexander’s journey in the cryptocurrency industry, marked by his role at Selini Capital and commitment to game theory and philosophy, reflects a multifaceted approach to navigating the complexities of digital assets. His influence, both as a financial strategist and a thought leader, continues to shape conversations in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies. Visit ThinkMoneyTrader for more financial bytes like this.
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