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Jeffrey Edward Gundlach, born on October 30, 1959, is a prominent American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. As the founder and CEO of DoubleLine Capital, an investment firm managing over $140 billion, Gundlach has earned acclaim for his expertise in the bond market, earning him the moniker “The New Bond King” by Barron’s in 2011.

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NameJeffrey Edward Gundlach
BirthdateOctober 30, 1959
BirthplaceAmherst, New York
RoleFounder and CEO of DoubleLine Capital
Net Worth15 Million USD
Investment PhilosophyExpertise in the bond market, emphasis on risk management, barbell portfolio approach with focus on bonds and real assets
RelationshipsPreviously married to Nancy Draper
Leadership StyleShared success mentality, empowering employees
Notable Recognition“The New Bond King” by Barron’s in 2011

Early Life and Career

Hailing from Amherst, New York, Jeffrey Gundlach has built a distinguished career in the financial industry. His journey includes founding DoubleLine Capital, where he plays a pivotal role in managing the firm and providing valuable investment guidance.

Net Worth and Financial Success

Gundlach’s net worth is about 15 Million USD. Moreover, his role as the co-founder of DoubleLine Capital, overseeing substantial assets, indicates his significant financial success in the world of investments.

Investment Philosophy

Gundlach’s investment philosophy reflects his profound understanding of the bond market and macroeconomic trends. Known for his cautious approach, he emphasizes the importance of risk management to avoid catastrophic losses.

Gundlach recommends a barbell portfolio, with a focus on risk assets, primarily in bonds, and a modest allocation to real assets such as gold. This strategic approach aligns with his commitment to preserving capital while seeking opportunities in the market.

Insights and Analysis

Jeffrey Gundlach’s influence in the financial industry is underscored by his reputation as a thought leader. Through interviews and webcasts, he shares his views on market valuations, inflation, and investment opportunities. His insights and analyses are widely covered in financial media, making him a respected voice in the investment community.


Jeffrey Gundlach was previously married to Nancy Draper, adding a personal dimension to the life of this financial luminary. While details about his personal life are not extensively covered, his professional achievements remain at the forefront.

Leadership and Empowerment

Beyond his investment prowess, Gundlach is known for his leadership style, emphasizing a shared success mentality and empowering his employees. His philosophy resonates with the idea of “No responsibility without authority, no authority without responsibility.”


Jeffrey Gundlach’s journey in the financial landscape is marked by expertise in the bond market, a cautious investment philosophy, and a commitment to empowering others. As a leader and innovator, he continues to shape the discourse in the investment community, leaving an enduring impact on the world of finance. Visit ThinkMoneyTrader for more financial bytes like this.

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