Assad Tannous Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wikipedia [Biography]

Assad Tannous is a notable Lebanese finfluencer recognized for his significant involvement in Asenna Wealth. Having 100k + following on twitter, Tannous has made a mark in the financial world. This article explores key aspects of Assad Tannous’s life, including his estimated net worth, social media presence, and his intriguing connection with a Chinese girlfriend.


NameAssad Tannous
Social Media Handles@AsennaWealth (Twitter), @assad_tannous (Instagram)
Investment PhilosophyKnown for sharing trade setups on Twitter and Instagram
Net WorthEstimated to be around $700,000
GirlfriendEunice Wong, a financial influencer
Early Life and CareerNot available

Net Worth and Financial Ventures

As of recent estimates, Assad Tannous boasts an impressive net worth of around $700,000. His financial journey is intertwined with Asenna Wealth, where he holds a prominent role. While the specifics of his investment philosophy are not explicitly outlined in the provided information, Tannous is recognized for his achievements in the CMC Trading Competition and is often referred to as a “Twitter trader.” This suggests a deep understanding of trading dynamics and technical analysis.

Social Media Presence

Assad Tannous is a prominent figure on social media, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. With over 40,000 followers on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @AsennaWealth, Tannous is often recognized as a “Twitter trader.” His Instagram account, @assad_tannous, showcases aspects of the “trader lifestyle.”

While his presence on other social media platforms is not specified, Tannous’s engagement on Twitter and Instagram provides followers with insights into his trading strategies and perspectives.

Personal Life: Girlfriend and Beyond

In a Reddit post, Assad Tannous is mentioned alongside a photo featuring him and his Chinese girlfriend, Eunice Wong, a financial influencer. While the details about their relationship are not extensively covered, this glimpse into his personal life adds a human touch to the trader persona.

However, beyond this mention, specific details about his age, height, early life, and career beginnings remain elusive.


Assad Tannous’s journey in the financial world, coupled with his active presence on social media, paints a compelling picture of a trader who not only excels in the intricacies of the market but also brings a personal touch to his public image. While some details remain undisclosed, Tannous’s achievements and engagement provide a window into the life of a trader and financial influencer. Visit ThinkMoneyTrader for more financial bytes like this.

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